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Location: Plot No. 26A&26B Dungu Lane Njeru Town Council, Uganda

Mailing Address: St. Francis Healthcare Services P.O. Box 2210 Jinja, Uganda

Tel: 256-43-4123851
Mobile: 256-0772-409727
Fax: 256-43-121322

PROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES - Awareness and Sensitization

St. Francis Health Care Services with its set mission and objectives continues to provide information, education to the communities and individuals through counselling and awareness campaigns.

The organization runs several activities to disseminate information regarding HIV/AIDS using various media.

Among them include holding radio talk shows, running of Jingos and adverts especially on the local FM radio stations and newspapers. Others include community visits, workshops and any other forums that provide opportunities to disseminate information for the purpose of causing awareness about HIV/AIDS.

This program mainly campaigns for abstinence from sex, promotes proper use of condoms when life goes beyond control, encourages people to go for voluntary counselling and testing and among others fight stigmatisation and discrimination of HIV/AIDS patients. Awareness and Sensitization activities go hand in hand with Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT).  Messages are communicated via drama, song, and dance by a group composed of PHA (people having AIDS), while community members wait for test results.

For easy implementation of this program, the organization acquired some facilities to facilitate easy mobility and dissemination of information.

They include a mobile van (four wheel double cabin) and an Ambulance to access services to the target less privileged rural communities especially.

Photos of PHA Activites:

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